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Do Shoes Stores Still Measure Your Feet?

These days, there are very few shoe stores that still help you measure your feet and offer expert advise on finding the best fit. Do you remember the old Mister Rogers Neighborhood episode where he visits a shoe store? He is greeted by name, the owner knows the kind of shoe he likes, measures his feet, recommends shoes, and offers to order a different size shoe in the style Fred wants. Don’t you wish more retail experiences were still like that?! We do too. For a unique shoe shopping experience, why not go to the people who’ve been in the business for generations? Our family has been in this shoe business for over 95 years and we love what we do.

Find the Best Boots for Miners, Construction, & More

We see footwear as a tool; something that helps you in your job. Finding the best type of footwear for your work needs takes more knowledge than your typical retail clerk will have. Adams Shoes staff knows a lot about the types of footwear that are required for standing on different surfaces, in various environments with water, heat or other hazards. We will help you select a comfortable, long-lasting workboot or shoe with the correct fit and material for your job. We see boots as more than just something you put on your feet. The right boot should help mitigate body aches, give you the support you need to be on your feet all day, and be up to the challenges of your working environment.