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Family Owned in Illinois Since 1926

Brothers started their own businesses on North Market Street, downtown Marion Illinois during the Great Depression

How long has Adams Shoes been around?

Well, here are a few other things that happened the same year the shoe store was founded:


March 1926

The first transatlantic phone call, from London to New York, was completed.

October 6, 1926

Babe Ruth hit three home runs in a World Series game.

April 21, 1926

Future Queen of England, Elizabeth II, was born.

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Even as a kid, I always wanted to be at the shoe store. It’s always been me and my dad and anyone else we add to the staff becomes a member of the Adams Shoes family.
Theresa Boyt,
3rd Generation Small Business Owner

What's New

Some Things
Never Change

High-Quality Footwear

We don’t sell disposable, low-quality shoes. Many Adams Shoes customers rely on their footwear to handle tough conditions and get them through the work day safely while supporting their foot health long-term.

Specializing in Workboots

Some of our repeat customers include miners, construction workers, farmers, and heavy-duty equipment operators. Not only do we measure your foot, but we learn what kind of surface you work on and help you determine what kind of support is best. From steel-toe walking shoes to water-resistant boots, we find the best product for your needs.

We Find Your Fit

Shoes are more than just clothing or accessories. They impact your day-to-day comfort, posture, and long-term health. That is why the Adams team takes the time to help you find the right shoe with the right fit and why our customers choose Adams for their boots and shoes.

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